50 Best App Ideas for Startup Business in 2023

Quick Summary: A successful venture starts with a brilliant app idea that is unique and has the potential to meet customer demands. Are you planning to invest in an online business venture? Are you running short of new and impressive app ideas? 

We have good news for you! The blog brings you the 50 best Startup Ideas to invest in 2023. Read the blog to get inspiration for your next startup venture. While reading the blog, you might get your own unusual mobile app idea that can take the online world by storm. 

Number of available applications in the Google Play Store from December 2009 to March 2022

Number of available apps in the Apple App Store from 2008 to 2022

An extraordinary mobile app idea with perfect execution leads to successful ventures. If you lack ideas to start your online business, we can help you with a list of excellent 50 Startup mobile app ideas. 

So, get inspired by our list of 50 best app ideas and start your online business in 2023.


1. Dating App

These days, dating mobile apps are popular. Through these social networking mobile apps, people connect and make new acquaintances. Recently, the market has seen a significant increase in demand for dating app ideas. One of the top app concepts for startups in 2021.

Users can contribute their information and interests to the apps to provide better insights. They are given the option to review, match, and date the other user’s details. Tinder, OkCupid, and other famous dating online apps are examples.

2. Taxi Booking Apps

It is not convenient to find and book traditional taxis. Passengers have to wait on roads waving hands to each passing taxi. Further, there is no idea when you will get the taxi or how much the fare will be. 

The on-demand taxi booking applications are perfect for finding and booking taxis when in need. Users can book a taxi at home when needed through their smartphones. They can also see the estimated ride fare before booking and thus make an informed decision. 

3. Ride-Sharing Apps

Ride-sharing is a new concept in the on-demand taxi booking application development. Under this concept, passengers can share the ride or cab with other passengers. If a passenger goes to the same destination or a destination on the same route as yours, you can share the cab. You can pay the ride fare in collaboration and thus save some extra bucks. 

Some ride-sharing apps–

  • Uber (iOS/Android) 

  • Lyft (iOS/Android)

  • CURB (iOS/Android)

  • WINGZ (iOS/Android)

4. Custom-Cake Ordering App

A custom cake-ordering application is next on our list of top startup mobile app ideas in 2023. Custom and theme-based cakes are in trend more than ever. Be it a kid’s birthday, grandma’s anniversary, valentine’s day or farewell party, theme-based cakes have become a vogue.  

If you are passionate about baking or running a physical bakery, you can create your custom cake-ordering application to expand your customer reach. 

Some custom cake-ordering apps are-

  • CakeFizz
  • Winni 
  • Cake Hub 
  • Bakingo

5. Handyman Services

Handyman services are one of the most demanding and unique app ideas for 2023. Handyman service apps offer multiple services in a single application, making it a convenient option for users. Instead of finding or downloading a separate app for each service, users have to install just a single app. 

With the on-demand handyman app, users can get professional services like 

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Cleaner
  • Painter
  • Babysitter
  • Gardener, and much more. 

6. Waste Management Apps

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is the responsibility of every citizen. It is much easier to keep your home and street clean and trash-free. 

The on-demand waste management apps are a perfect solution that allows users to get rid of accumulated trash or garbage in minutes. Users can place a request, and the trash van will arrive immediately to collect the garbage. 

Moreover, if it is dry waste like plastic, newspapers, or electronics, users can sell them and get paid per kilogram. So, these apps are the digital twist to the kabadiwalas. The concept is novel and noble and is worth investing in as a startup idea in 2023. 

7. Railway Tracking App

A railway tracking app is for people who rely on metros for travel. With an online railway tracking app, users can find trains, seat availability, the time of arrival and departure, and much more. Further, the app also sends alerts if a train is running early or late. Users can plan their trips with the app. 

It can be an excellent startup idea to try in 2023 to reach out to people who travel through trains or metros daily. 

8. Car Wash & Bike Servicing App

Online car and bike servicing apps are the most convenient options for users to keep their vehicles in good condition for longer. Vehicle owners often find it time-consuming to wait in long queues to get their cars or bikes washed or serviced. Even visiting the detailing shop each day consumes a lot of time. 

On-demand car servicing apps are the apt solutions to the above problems. Users can call the detailers online, and the team will reach the user’s doorsteps. They can schedule a car or bike wash every day or every alternate day.  

Popular apps like Carvo and Mobile wash are gaining massive popularity among users. You can build an app like Carvo or mobile wash to start your online detailing business in 2023. 


9. Blockchain-Based Finance App

Blockchain is the most secure way for money transfer or exchange nowadays. Thus, developing a blockchain-based finance app can be the best startup app idea for 2023. 

The demand for bitcoins and cryptocurrency is constantly surging, and so is the need for blockchain-based financial mobile apps. Users can exchange digital currency, keep track of their investments, and much more via these apps. Blockchain is an advanced technology and is here to stay, so it is wise to invest in next-gen technology. 

10. AR-Based Online Shopping App

Augmented Reality is transforming the online shopping experiences of people and taking the e-commerce sector by storm. The concept of overlaying virtual images on natural objects is helping businesses deliver more satisfying and delightful user experiences. 

Users can try any object before purchasing to get the feel of real physical shopping. For example, users can try clothes, accessories, and shoes via their smartphone’s camera. Further, they can also use the phone’s camera to place the virtual furniture anywhere in their house or office. Thus, users can make quicker and more satisfying decisions. 

11. Virtual Reality-Based Travel Apps

Virtual Reality is another advanced technology to count on and invest your money in. VR-based games are already in soaring demand in the market, enabling gaming app owners to earn millions in revenue. 

Another application of virtual Reality is to develop VR-based travel applications. Users can visit new destinations through the app sitting at their homes. People who love to travel can use this app to learn about different places before visiting. Moreover, those on a limited budget who cannot afford to visit each destination can relish visiting through this app.

The concept of VR travel apps is still new, and the market is less saturated, so you can be an early player to benefit from this startup idea in 2023.

12. On-demand Money Lending Apps

Online instant loan apps are an excellent alternative for those with no or low credit history or score. Online Money lending applications are a convenient way to get instant loans (personal, vehicle, insurance, etc.). 

Such mobile apps evaluate a person’s eligibility on their social credibility instead of their past credit history or CIBIL score. Further, these apps eliminate the need to visit a bank, credit union, or lender. 

Users can quickly register for the on-demand money-lending app, enter their details to complete the KYC, and consent to the terms and conditions. Once the process is complete, they can get an instant loan within hours or a matter of 1 or 2 days. The entire loan process is digital, secure, and contactless. 

Some widespread money lending or online personal loan apps are MoneyTap, KreditBee, CASHe, PaySense, etc.

13. My Parking App

One looming drawback of urban life is the increasing traffic and less parking space. The rising population is already straining the infrastructure, leading to fewer parking spaces. 

Finding a parking space in metros is extraordinarily time-consuming and troublesome. One solution to this is a digital parking space finder app. The app enables users to find a parking space for them in advance. The app shows information like peak hours or congestion areas and more. Further, it uses GPS technology to analyze traffic and suggest available parking spaces. 

The online parking app also suggests early parking during festivals, events, accidents, etc. Such apps greatly relieve people struggling daily for a secure parking space. 

14. Resolution Reminder App

A new year’s resolution can range from reading a book daily, waking up early, or exercising daily. We all make new year’s resolutions and promise to follow them year-round. But most of us cannot continue for even a month and feel bad about ourselves. It happens for many reasons, including a lack of motivation and busy schedules. But soon, we realize that we lag a lot behind due to the negligence in following the resolutions we take. 

A solution to this can be the online resolution reminder app which business owners can try as a startup idea for 2023. The app reminds people about their new year’s resolutions and motivates them to follow them daily. 

When someone motivates us daily, we are likely to do that task. The online resolution reminder app does the same and inspires people to pursue their resolutions and wishes. 

15. Online Personal Chef App

We all relish food and don’t like to compromise its quality and taste. Each individual has a different taste and liking for different foods. Moreover, many professionals living away from home constantly miss home-cooked food. 

So, the best solution to this can be to have an on-demand personal chef who can prepare delicious dishes for you when you feel a craving or hunger. 

What can be a more profitable startup idea for 2023 than to develop an on-demand personal chef app? When you are hungry or nostalgic about your home or childhood, homely prepared food can be the best option to satisfy you. 

The online personal chef app offers a list of verified home chefs who will prepare unique dishes for you in a homely style. Users can browse various chefs based on their food specialty, place an order and get their home-cooked food delivered to their homes. 


16. Food Delivery App Idea

The following startup idea for 2023 on our list is an On-demand Food Delivery application. We know it is not a new idea, but it is an ever-growing and profitable app. Again, it is the best app idea to guarantee colossal ROI. 56% of people use an On-demand food delivery app to deliver their food to their desired location. 

The on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, and others dominate the online food delivery market. As a food business or restaurant owner, you can turn your physical restaurant online by investing in building an online food delivery application. 

17. Grocery Delivery App Idea

Why not groceries when we can get our food delivered to our doorsteps? More grocery store owners are investing in on-demand grocery delivery apps after the success of apps like BigBasket, Instacart, and more. 

If you also want to be the next big grocery delivery brand, upsquare, the top grocery delivery app development company, can help you out.  

18. Fresh Delivery App idea

Your startup’s next delivery app idea in 2023 can be new. Meat store owners can quickly grow their business with online fresh delivery mobile apps. 

Popular apps like Licious, tender cuts, and more have gained extreme love and demand from meat and fish lovers. You can also reach meat lovers by investing in an on-demand fresh delivery app idea. 

19. Online Fuel-delivery App Idea

The following delivery app idea on our list is an on-demand fuel delivery app. As a fuel station owner, you can double your revenues by reaching out to people and delivering fuel to their doorsteps.

The concept of fuel delivery is still naive, and it can be the best time to build one for you. Upsquare technologies, with years of experience in delivering fuel delivery applications, can help you in the best manner. 


20. Telemedicine Applications 

The pandemic has made people seek an app for every service they need, as digital is the new normal. Health is no exception. Online Telemedicine applications are the new means of getting doctor consultations. With virtual health assistant apps, people can get immediate consultations anywhere. 

If you are a physician or a healthcare provider, investing in a Telemedicine application can be the right decision to expand your healthcare services. 

21. Fitness App

With 12 million downloads, Planet Fitness was the most popular fitness mobile in the first half of 2022. Widespread awareness about health and fitness has led people to exercise more and stay fit. Thus, there is a boom in demand for online fitness applications. 

Users can install online fitness applications to stay fit in a way that suits them. For example, they can watch and learn yoga, and cardio exercises, get a diet plan, etc. Further, it is possible to learn from famous trainers, athletes, and celebrity coaches. Now is the right time to invest in an online fitness app, so connect with Upsquare technologies. 

22. Period-calculator/Birth-control app

Menstrual health is a big part of women’s health. Thus, women must keep track of their menstrual cycle. An online period calculator app is an excellent and convenient way for women to track their periods—it alerts them on an early or late period. Women who take birth control pills can use this app best as the mobile app reminds them to take the pills. An on-demand period calculator app can be a perfect startup idea for 2023 if you are on a small budget. 

23. Pregnancy-Guide app

Pregnancy is one of a woman’s most crucial, happy, and sensitive months. When you nurture a baby inside you, you need all the love, care, and proper guidance to make it stress and complication free. 

The online Pregnancy guide app does the same by offering detailed guidance for every stage of pregnancy.

Users can read pregnancy-related articles, track their baby’s growth daily, and consult and seek expert advice from gynecologists. Users can also cherish exclusive soon-to-be mothers’ shopping segments. 

24. Food Freshness Checking App

Every month 20 pounds of food is wasted in the United States. Since there is no way to check if the fruits or vegetables are fresh, people throw away vegetables and fruits if they are in their refrigerators for more than 2 or 3 days. Every food has a different shelf life, measured using the online food freshness checker app. 

The app shows every food’s storage time and alerts when the limit is near. It is an excellent way for users to know how long they can store a vegetable or fruit. Further, it helps in reducing food waste. 

One of the popular freshness checker apps is the FoodKeeper app. The free app includes a calendar to remind people about the food’s freshness. 

25. Sleep Inducer App

Sleeplessness or Insomnia is growing at a higher rate among people due to stress, excess caffeine, excessive screen time, and more. It leads to many chronic diseases like depression, etc. 

Online Sleep inducer applications are a great relief for people suffering from lack of sleep or Insomnia. The app plays relaxing music to help people sleep better and get a relaxing whole night’s sleep. 

Parents can use these apps for their kids as the app also plays bedtime children’s stories or rhymes to make them sleep. 

26. Food recommendation app

These apps show suggestions and recommendations by foodies and restaurant explorers. Besides, they recommend top restaurants and cuisines to try on their visits. 


27. Live Streaming Platform

Post-pandemic, the most effective means of entertainment or consuming content is the live streaming platforms. Over-the-top media platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video saw an 80% hike in their subscriber base. 

Investing in online video streaming platforms is undoubtedly a profitable venture. With a moderate budget, you can surely try this startup idea in 2023. 

28. Social Platform for Hobbies

We often neglect our hobbies and interests due to work, jobs, and busy schedules. But “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” 

However, this saying is for our kids, but as adults, we, too, feel depressed and burdened due to our responsibilities. What if we get to pursue our interests again? 

Online social platform for hobbies is one such way that allows people to take up hobby courses on arts, sports, dance, and more. They can create a community of similar interests and practice with them. 

29. Audio Streaming apps

Spotify, Pandora, Gaana, and HelloTunes are some of the most famous names among music streaming applications. People can stream songs and listen to podcasts and audiobooks in real-time. The background play feature allows people to listen to their favorite songs while doing other tasks on their smartphones. Music streaming apps have become a must during work or working out. 

Online audio streaming apps allow people to listen to music from different genres or as per different moods. Users can also create personalized playlists. 

30. Karaoke app

A platform for amateur singers to practice and improvise their singing. Further, they can use filters while recording their songs or compositions to make them more professional. People can also collaborate on the app for jamming. 

31. Memes & GIFs Portal

GIFs and Memes are gaining extraordinary popularity on the internet. Gifs and memes are new ways to communicate or send wishes. You can build an online meme or Gif creator portal, enabling people to create custom memes and gifs. 


32. Social Networking App for sale, buying and rent

OLX has gained massive popularity as an online platform allowing people to sell and buy their used goods. Further, users can also get stuff for rent from this platform—a great platform to save money and get good resale value for used items.

33. Books & Toy-Exchanging App Idea

Another startup idea that you can try in 2023 is exchanging books and toys app. Parents who cannot afford to spend a fortune on new books and expensive toys can benefit from this app. 

The app allows people to exchange pre-loved books and toys with those in need.

34. Payments App

Online payment applications are the most convenient way to exchange funds or make online payments. Google Pay, Paytm, and PayPal have gained massive popularity as they are secure and convenient. Users can connect their multiple bank accounts with a single app. 


35. Job Recruitment App

With a vast unemployment surge after the Coronavirus pandemic, people seek jobs day and night. Help people find the right jobs. The job portals have great earning potential. So, it is a perfect app idea for startups for a quick start.  

36. Document Management Apps

We all have important documents that we often need to carry with us. Large organizations, enterprises, or law firms need to maintain a bulk of confidential documents. There is a greater risk of document loss or theft when it comes to physical documents. 

The best solution to this problem is online document management applications. Applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote are noteworthy examples of storing our documents securely. It can be a great startup idea to build such an application. 

37. Scan and convert to PDF app

Scan and PDF apps are absolute lifesavers. You can scan important documents and share or store them easily. The apps also offer to convert to JPEG, DOC, and PNG extensions. 

38. Job Recruitment App

With a vast unemployment surge after the Coronavirus pandemic, people seek jobs day and night. Help people find the right jobs. The job portals have great earning potential. So, it is a perfect app idea for startups for a quick start.  

39. Freelancer App

People are looking for remote work more than ever before. Many have lost jobs because of the pandemic. Besides, employers also want to hire employees contractually for cost-cutting. 

Thus, the gig trend is perfect for finding some work online. Building a platform to connect employers with freelancers can get high returns. 

40. Book Reviews and Recommendations

Book Lovers are always in search of quality books to read. Filtering the best books from plenty of numbers needs help. 

Reviews and Ratings of a book help people choose the right book. So, invest in a book review app. 

Some book reviews and recommendations are-

  • Bookmojis 
  • Litsy
  • Goodreads
  • OverDrive

41.  Language Learning App  

People who can speak many languages are ever demanding. Invest in creating an online language learning app and let people learn a new language to enhance their resumes. 

42 Find a Tutor

People often look for a tutor in the locality. Help them find tutors available locally. The app also lists reviews and public opinions about the tutors. 

43. Virtual Study Group App

The single platform for students to prepare for their exams together. Students can connect with other students for discussions, help, and doubt-solving. Further, they can also share study materials.

44. Task-scheduling and Motivation App 

Users can schedule essential things like reading, exercising, and cleaning up in the app. The app will be a reminder and motivation to carry out the task.

45. Virtual Cooking App

Culinary skills have never been easy. Perfect guidance, expert training, and continuous practice are essential to master the art. Get a virtual Cooking guide or assistant right in your palms. You can watch and learn fundamental cooking skills. Like:

  • Chopping Vegetables
  • Proper Use of Kitchen Tools
  • Specific Recipes
  • Plating and Serving Ideas

Some virtual cooking apps are-

  • OrganizEat 
  • Handpick Recipes and Ingredients 
  • Yummly 
  • Kitchen Stories  


46. Trip Planner Application

Online Trip Advisor and Planners make your hotel reservations and travel bookings much more accessible. Go out on your vacation or business trips with no extra stress. Further, the Trip planners make the hotel and ticket bookings for you. 

Some existing trip planning applications-

  • Roadtrippers
  • Trip Case 
  • Sygic Travel Trip Planner 
  • TripIt 

47. Local/Mall Navigation Map

Mall and warehouse owners can build local/ mall navigation apps to provide more straightforward navigation for their users. The app shows the directions to navigate to a specific store or parking. Users can check the parking or table availability in the food court inside the mall.

48. Voice Translation App

The primary concern while traveling abroad is the language difference. No matter how hard we try to communicate, we end up in a mess. Voice Translation apps come into action in such situations. The real-time app will translate your words into the needed language or another language into your native one. 


49. Video-Editing App

Video content is the most demanding and highly consuming media content. People share informational, personal, and entertainment videos on social media platforms. 

The videos need to be engaging and attention-grabbing. Video editing apps come in handy to edit videos. 

50. Image Editing App

Next in demand are images. People share their life images and business portfolio images for marketing and promotion. Thus, Image Editing Apps are must-haves to edit, crop, and enhance images. 

Note: Make an image for each group of ideas. For example, one image for delivery app ideas, 1 for editing app ideas, and likewise. 

What are the characteristics of Successful Startups?

The first one is a brilliant idea. We hope you are no more running out of startup ideas. You might have gained enough inspiration from the above startup ideas. 

However, ideas alone are not enough for assured success. Many characteristics define success. Below we have listed the most significant aspects:

Market-Perfect Product

Why do Startups fail? According to Fortune, the reason is that they make products that are not in demand by their customers or are outdated. Nearly half of the startups that fail identified that their products lack to serve customer demands leading to their failure. 

So, spend time researching the current market trends and demands. 

Complete Execution

The idea can be brilliant, yet it needs excellent execution. You cannot ignore the importance of business processes, technical support, a qualified team, and other aspects of a business. 

Recover Art

Every startup undergoes ups and downs. The one that survives knows the art- how to recover? 

Your team is the biggest asset you can have to run your business and make it successful. Also, the team must know how to stand tough times and recover with a fresh approach. You can learn from your failures and start again with new plans, strategies, or even new products. 


So, these are some fresh startup ideas for business owners to try in 2023. Using the latest technology, an experienced team can turn these ideas into top-notch mobile applications. Connecting with a trusted mobile app development company will be the right choice. You can outsource your project to a reliable IT development agency to develop high-quality mobile apps cost-effectively. 

Upsquare Technologies is India’s most promising Mobile App Development Company internationally. We have developed tons of applications in many industry verticals. We have a certified team of mobile application developers and programming experts to turn your business project into a super-successful enterprise venture. For assistance, support, and guidance, Call us at (+91) 079-4602-9221 to book a free consultation.

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