Vertically Integrated Global Enterprise,

Established in 2012


Our Story

We are a team of ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for building digital human experiences.

In 2012, we started as a consulting and development organization. Soon, we found our feet rooted in producing our own mobile apps on Apple App Store.

After a decade of hustle, a few failures, and two profitable exits, we look at the future with profound expertise, determination, and enthusiasm.

Even though we are perceived as a tech company, our approach is solutions-first; technology second.

Upsquare is a home for some great engineering brains. We are single-focused on creating more meaningful user experiences for our users, vendors, teammates, and society.

Our aim inspires each Upsquare team member to wake up at 5:00 am or stay awake until 5:00 am.

You can find our teams solving a customer problem or creating something weird that will be the next feature of the software we have worked on at odd times!

Our technology consulting services empower the business processes of many SMBs and enterprises. The mobile apps we have developed have been downloaded over 15 million times. Our SaaS and Micro-SaaS businesses have more than 1 million monthly active users.

So yes, we are a tech company, but we are not in awe of technology. We focus on solving a business problem, providing easy-to-use UX, and using effective tech for the same, in that order.

What We Do

Upsquare Technologies supports and accelerates various independently operated businesses in various sectors, including SaaS, Mobile Apps, e-Commerce, Consulting Services, Startup Funding, and Research. However, our diverse range of present business verticals does not define us as we strive towards a future where AI and human intelligence are seamlessly integrated. We are committed to breaking conventions and bringing new ideas to life, taking bottomline ownership where success is shared, but the risk is personal.

Our team greatly emphasizes software security, leveraging software that offers robust protection to the millions of end users we serve. We prioritize protecting our users’ data and are dedicated to achieving our SMART goals through teamwork and attention to detail.

We operate in 175 countries and serve over a million MAUs (monthly active users). While there is always competition for our products, our UX-first perspective sets us apart. Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly into people’s daily lives and enhance them, one app at a time.

With over two decades of experience, including missed opportunities and failures, Upsquare Technologies is driven by a mission to create meaningful human experiences and inspire success stories worldwide.

The Leadership Team

Despite our varied backgrounds, we are more than just a group of intelligent individuals; we are a unified team. We are co-creating an emerging future driven by a shared vision, intention, and values.


Utpal “UV” Vaishnav

Founder CEO

Kavita Vaishnav


Vipul Shah

Chief Operating Officer

Amish Trivedi

Chief Innovation Officer

Jigar Pandya

Director of Growth

Alpesh Pethani

AVP, Design & Projects

Hardip Kalola

AVP, Future Tech

Arpit Shah

AVP, Apps & Cloud

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International Offices

Unconventional approaches are at the heart of how Upsquare approaches business. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t just provide bespoke software development services and focus on increasing our headcount and closing clients per quarter; instead, we eat our own dog food. Some details:

  • Our R&D team researches and creates technologies, reusable software, and process components;
  • Our Apps team assembles the components and produces our own apps, microSaaS and SaaS products;
  • 3 million + users have downloaded our apps, and millions are using them every day
  • Our Digital Services Team reuses the insights of our R&D, apps, and product teams and enables digital experiences of SMBs and enterprises.

Businesses generally have profit as their primary objective. While nothing is wrong with that, we affirm that profits should result from creating or participating in the ecosystem connected by shared values. As we believe in value co-creation, many of our businesses are joint ventures with other small businesses and enterprises with diverse entrepreneurial brains.

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