Best Food Delivery Apps in 2023

Quick Summary: Need help picking the best food delivery app to order your food online? We are here to aid you with our curated list of the top 10 online food delivery apps. 

Sharing the list of top food delivery apps for no reason is of no worth. So, we have also mentioned how and on what parameters we have picked these ten best on-demand food delivery mobile apps. 


On-demand food delivery applications have seen a boom since the pandemic outbreak. Millions of people were fascinated with receiving their favorite food right at their homes when needed. Let us look at some of the statistics:

  • There were 111 million food delivery app users in 2020, generating $26.5 billion in revenue for the food delivery industry. 
  • The food delivery industry revenue can reach $13,233m by 2024, with a growth rate of 9.5%.
  • The food delivery industry has earned 204% more revenue in the past five years.

What are the Best Food Delivery Apps for 2023? 

Are you tired of cooking for yourself? Don’t be anymore. There are a million food delivery apps, and they are all trying to be the next food delivery behemoth. You can use these apps to order delicious food and have a healthier lifestyle. 

Food lovers get excited as Upsquare technologies bring you some of the best food delivery apps for 2023. Also, food business owners who plan to invest in an online food delivery app can get inspired through these food delivery apps. 

Top Food Delivery Apps in India


Zomato- the Indian food delivery brand, was launched in Delhi in 2008 and has become one of the best food aggregators worldwide. The app (iOS and Android) has its footprints in 24 countries, successfully delivering food to people’s doorsteps. Zomato operates in the USA, the U.K., Australia, Canada, Poland, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, etc. 

Food lovers can use the online food delivery app to browse their favorite restaurants and the cuisines they offer. They can check out menus, ratings, feedback from previous customers, and discounts and offers from different restaurants. 

One exciting feature that Zomato offers is allowing its users to become ambassadors for their favorite restaurants. They can give out discount coupons from the restaurant to their family and friends. Further, users can cherish the “deal of the day” feature to see discounts and offers from different restaurants.

So, what are you ordering today with the Zomato App? Biryani or Pizza. 


The next best food delivery app for 2023 is the Bangalore-based Swiggy app. The app was founded in 2014, and now it operates in 500 Indian cities and has over 40,000 restaurants worldwide. 

With 20 million monthly active users, Swiggy was India’s second most popular food delivery app in 2021. Swiggy saw a surge in revenue from 56% in May 2020 to 91% in September 2021. 

Swiggy app started as an online food delivery app; however, now it delivers groceries, meat, and other daily essentials. According to Techcrunch, Swiggy raised $700 million in 2022. 

Swiggy plans to launch the new Swiggy Genie app for pickup and delivery. So, now people can order and deliver everything. 

Travel Khana

Do you travel frequently? If yes, Travel Khana is the best food delivery for you to continue in 2023. Users can use the Travel Khana app to order food on a train. Yes, the online food delivery app has a tie-up with IRCTC. Thus, you can rely on this app to get your delicious food while traveling on trains. The Travel Khana app serves 4000 trains and 250 stations across India. 

Best Food Delivery Apps in the US 


Do you like to order food from a new restaurant each time? GrubHub is the best choice for you if you are looking for a wide variety of restaurants. 

Grubhub has 324,000 restaurants available in over 4,000 cities in the US and Canada. Available on both iOS and Android, the GrubHub app delivers food to customers’ doorsteps. With the new feature of GrubHub, app users can find exclusive deals and discounts in nearby restaurants and save some extra pennies. Users can install the app and use the essential services for free. The GrubHub+ service allows users unlimited deliveries for a $10 monthly subscription.


With over 390,000 partnered restaurants and grocery markets, DoorDash is a US-based online food ordering and delivery app. As of 2021, the app holds a 57% market share in the online food delivery industry. 

Doordash is available in over 800 U.S. and Canadian cities with a value of 16 billion U.S. dollars. 

Though the on-demand food delivery app is free, users can get the premium version for $9.99/month. With a DashPass subscription, users can get all the deliveries free and enjoy added offers and discounts.

Besides ordering food, users can also get groceries, snacks, alcohol, and other essentials. Further, they can schedule a delivery or pick up the parcel from a nearby restaurant. 


UberEats is from the big taxi booking giant- Uber. The online food-ordering app is highly popular as the online food ordering and delivery app in the USA. It allows users to browse the restaurants, menus, prices, discounts and offers to get delicious food right at their homes. 

In 2021, UberEats, with a 72% year-on-year increase rate, generated $8.3 billion in revenue. Further, the app has nearly 900,000 restaurants and is available in over 6,000 cities in 45 countries. Some countries in which UberEats serve include Canada, Australia, Poland, Russia, India, Mexico, etc. 

The app allows users to pay online for their food orders via multiple payment ways. (credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, or cash).

EatPass is a subscription by UberEats for $9.99/month, where users get unlimited free deliveries plus a 5% extra discount on orders over $15. Users can avail of the perks of the subscription and can also cancel the subscription when needed. 


The next on our list of the best food delivery apps in the USA is Postmates. The California-based food delivery app The app has 9.3 million monthly active users. Not just food, but the app delivers much more than food, including groceries, alcohol, flowers, etc. Postmates operates in more than 4200 cities in the US and has a tie-up with over 5 lakhs local and national restaurants. 

Best Food Delivery Apps in UAE


The top in our list of the best food delivery apps in UAE is Talabat. With a market share of 74%, the app delivers its services in the gulf region, the Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, etc.

Besides ordering your favorite cuisines and dishes, you can also order flowers, gifts, etc., from the Talabat app. Since 2004, the app has seen tremendous growth and has a revenue share of 55% in the middle east market. 


Deliveroo app offers excellent food from a variety of restaurants and delivers rapidly. The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Stores and has seen massive growth in revenue in the past few years. 

One of the reasons behind the surging popularity of the Deliveroo app is the recent investment by Amazon in the Deliveroo app. In addition, the app is also embracing the modern cloud kitchen concept to provide better services to customers. 

The Deliveroo app, which started serving in UAE in 2015, has become one of the best food delivery apps in the UAE, serving millions of users. The app operates in over 200 UK, Europe, Germany, Singapore, and UAE cities. Further, the app is in high demand in Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman. 


Another top food delivery app in the UAE is EatEasy. Founded in 2013, the app allows users to order food and groceries to their doorsteps. Users can order from 1500 eateries registered on the app and enjoy various delicious foods. In addition, they can rely on the EatEasy app to order almost everything, including groceries, flowers, medicines, and confectionaries. 

The one reason behind the popularity of the on-demand food delivery app is its offers and discounts. Users can enjoy discounts, cashback, special offers, and other rewards from loyalty or other programs. 


Careem is the next best food delivery app operating in the UAE. The app operates as a subsidiary of UberEats in over 100 cities, covering 15 countries, including the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia regions. With the Careem app, users can order food from a variety of restaurants and can avail of discounts and offers as well. 

Jahez: Online Food Delivery APP UAE

Jahez app is a leading food delivery application in Saudi Arabia, offering services in the aggregator model. Besides ordering food from your favorite restaurants, you can also enjoy other services with the Jahez app. 

The app offers on-demand deliveries, quick commerce, and pickup-and-drop services. Why do users love the Jahez app? The app offers a wide variety of food items and offers refunds and cashback. 

Best Food Delivery Apps in UK


One of the top-rated food delivery apps in the UK is FoodHub. It is a UK-only startup that partners with local small restaurants and businesses. Another interesting thing about JustEat is that restaurants can register on the FoodHub app for free.

Yes, it’s true. Restaurants do not need to pay commissions to register and operate the online food delivery app. So, as a food or restaurant business owner you plan to go online, here is your opportunity. Start your online food delivery services via FoodHub. Since restaurants do not have to pay commissions, they can deliver their food orders at cheaper rates. 

So this is among the many reasons for the massive popularity of the FoodHub app, making it one of the best food delivery apps in the UK. 


Just Eat is a merger of the two food giants JustEat and, which took place in 2020. JustEat was a well-received and top-rated food delivery app in the UK. It has become even more prominent after the merger with 

The app serves the UK, USA, Asia, Latin America and European cities with home food deliveries. Now, the app users can order more than food and enjoy takeaway services. 


Jinn is another top food delivery app serving food and all other essentials in the UK. The app has a simple and user-friendly interface to make it easier for users to navigate the features. Users can enjoy one of the fastest deliveries at low prices with the Jinn app. 


Which one do you find as the best food delivery app for 2023? Is it dain our list of the top food delivery apps? 

This blog will help you choose the right food delivery app. We’ve provided tips for choosing the best food delivery app for your business. We hope these tips help you find the best app for your business! 

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