How to Build an EV Charging Station Finder App?

Quick Summary: Do you plan to develop an on-demand EV Charging Station Finder App? 

Be part of the green revolution in the automobile industry. Confused, Electric vehicles are a revolutionary innovation in the automobile industry. Electric vehicles help reduce the emission of pollutants and save fuel. Thus, they are favorable to the environment. 

With surging demand for electric vehicles, there is an equally growing need for EV Charging stations and finding them conveniently. So, developing an EV Charging Station Finder app can be massively fruitful. 

With our years of experience as a leading EV Charging Station Finder app development company, we have compiled this blog to resolve the queries and doubts of startups and entrepreneurs looking to invest in building EV Charging Station Finder apps.

What is an EV Charging Station Finder App?

Electric Vehicles operate on batteries, and thus, they need timely charging. The on-demand EV Charging station finder application makes it convenient for users to find a nearby station sitting anywhere. 

An EV Charging Station Finder App enables users to find electric vehicle charging stations. Users can enter a location and find nearby EV Charging stations with the details of their availability. 

In addition, they can turn the notifications on for nearby stations so that the app will inform users about a nearby station.

EV charging station apps offer different plugs for different vehicles. So, users can also check the station compatible with their electric vehicle. With the on-demand EV Charging station finder app, users don’t have to bother about untimely discharge or travel miles to locate the EV Charging station. They can book a slot for their electric vehicle via the app and, thus, avoid waiting in long queues for their turn. Users can also add charging stations to the app if they find a new one.

Top EV Charging Station Finder Mobile Apps

The EV Charging Station Finder apps have gained massive popularity due to a rise in electric vehicle owners. Here are a few top Electric vehicles station finder apps:


With over a million installs and a 4.6-star rating, the first name in the list of our EV Charging Station Finder apps is PlugShare. The app is hugely preferred by people worldwide for its accuracy. Users can quickly locate an EV Charging station and share their reviews and feedback. The app is available in North America, Europe, and many countries worldwide, with over 400,000 charging stations. Users can find an EV Charging station based on location, network, and type of connection. They can book a charging slot and pay online via the app. 


The chargePoint app has over 100,00 charging station spots and relies on NFC. Users can initiate the charging process without opening the app. They just have to tap their phones against a charging station. In addition, the app shows all the statistics, including:

  • How much is the car charged?
  • What is the cost of charging?
  • How many miles has it gained? 


The next on our list of the best EV Charging Station Finder apps is EVgo. EVgo has the largest network of EV charging stations in the United States. The app is famous but has lower ratings because of its high cost compared to peers. Users can find charging stations and check their availability in real-time. But it doesn’t show how much the car is charged. 


Over 330,000 electric vehicle owners use France-based Chargemap to locate EV charging stations. The app offers a sophisticated user interface with many filters to make the search easier for users. Users can find charging stations for a specific location, check their availability in real-time, and share new EV stations on the app. 

What are the different Types of EV Charging Stations?

An Electric Vehicle Charging Station is similar to a fuel station or petrol pump. Vehicles visit a petrol pump or a fuel station to refill petrol or diesel. Similarly, electric vehicles visit EV charging stations to charge their batteries. 

Like some vehicles need petrol, others need diesel, and every electric vehicle has a different charging need. Thus, EV charging stations provide different charging speeds for different charging connectors. Here are different types of EV Charging Stations:

Level 1 Charging stations require a dedicated circuit, while Level 2 stations need users to install home or public charging equipment.


Volt (V)

Current Plugs

Range of Miles 

Level 1


AC Plug

5 miles/hour of charging

Level 2


AC Plug

10 to 20 miles/hour of charging

Level 3

(DC Fast Chargers)


DC Plug

30 to 40 miles/hour of charging


So, what Is the Need for an EV Charging Stations Finder App?

For different electric vehicle charging needs, there is a surging requirement for electric vehicle stations and an app to locate them conveniently. 

The time is ripe if you’re planning to invest in developing an EV Charging Station finder app. It would help if you had the assistance of a top EV Charging Station Finder app development company to pick the relevant features and technology stack for your app. Upsquare technologies can build a custom EV Charging Station finder app for you with expert developers and the right tech stack. 

How Does an App for Finding Electric Vehicle Charging Work?

With EV charging station finder software, users can quickly locate a charging station in a locality based on their charging type and availability. 


Firstly, users must register on the EV Charging Station finder app and create their profile. They can use an email or social credentials to sign up. 

Find Stations

Once the users register to the app, they can search for a nearby station by enabling their device location. They can use filters like availability, location, and charging type to find the station quickly. 


Users can choose an area where they are finding the station. Thus, the app will only show EV Charging stations for that area or locality. 


Once they find a station, they can check the availability of the charging slot and book one for them directly through the app.


The custom EV Charging Station Finder app allows users to pay online via multiple payment methods. 

Business Model for the App for EV Charging Stations

The Global Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market is expected to exceed the market value of $ 61.2 Bn at a CAGR of around 27.5% from 2020 to 2027.

Electric vehicles offer several advantages, including being environment-friendly, affordable, and high-speed. Thus, giant enterprises are investing in this sector. If you, too, are developing an EV Charging Station app, here are a few ways to monetize your app. 


You can earn handsome revenue from your custom EV Charging station finder applications with in-app advertisements. Allow companies to market their products on your app via ads, sidebars, displays, or short videos. You can charge them a good commission for running advertisements. 


App subscriptions allow users to access advanced features of your application. So, make your app free to install and use the essential features. But to get full access to the application’s advanced features, users can upgrade and purchase a subscription. 

What are the different Types of Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles have different categories, requiring different types of EV Charging stations. 

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)
  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

A Hybrid Electric vehicle (HEV) combines an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) with an electric motor and battery pack. The electric motor helps consume less fuel by switching between the ICE and the electric motor. 

Hybrid vehicles operate very similarly to ICE vehicles; thus, people prefer hybrid vehicles more. 

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles operate similarly to hybrid vehicles, but they have more advanced features than hybrid ones. 

PHEVs have powerful electric motors and larger battery packs. Owners can switch the ICE off and drive a PHEV entirely in electric mode. They can also run the vehicle entirely on fuel, if the battery is not charged. 

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Battery electric vehicles as the name says are full electric vehicles as they operate entirely on batteries. Battery electric vehicles do not have an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to switch to fuel mode. They have higher capacity batteries with kWh outputs and are expensive than HEVs and PHEVs. 

What are the Key Features Of An EV Charging Station Finder App?

Sign Up

Sign-up is a must-feature for the EV charging application as it allows users to access the features of the application. Users can register using an email or their social credentials. They can create and edit their profile after registering to the application by adding their vehicle detailed information. 

Search & Filter

Users can enable their location to let the application use their current location and search for EV charging stations nearby. Also, they can enter their location manually and locate EV charging stations in the locality. 

They can filter their search based on their vehicle or charging type. 

List of Charging Stations

The custom EV Charging station finder app shows users the list of charging stations they can explore and compare their prices. Users can filter the stations by entering a particular location, price, or charging type.

Slot Booking

Users can book a charging slot for their electric vehicles after checking the availability via the online EV Charging station finder app. Thus, users can avoid standing in long queues. 

In-app Payment

The on-demand EV Charging station finder app allows users to make online payments via modes like net banking, in-app wallets, credit/debit cards, etc. 

Push Notification

The online EV charging station finder app sends notifications for various activities on the app. When a user books a slot, the app sends a confirmation notification. Users can also put the alerts on for nearby stations so the app will send a notification when a station is nearby. 


The history section shows details like previous bookings, bills, battery consumption, etc. So, users can keep track of the power consumed and the costs to manage their budget or check mileage. 

AI Chatbot

The AI-enabled chatbot allows users to connect with customer support in real time. They can get the answers to their queries immediately via the AI chatbot. 

Reward Points

Users can collect reward points on the on-demand EV charging station finder apps with regular or frequent usage. They can redeem these reward points to get cash back or discounts on the following charges. 

What Are Some Major EV Charging Network Providers?

The major network providers of the EV Charging Stations are:

  1. Blink
  2. EVGO
  3. Tesla
  4. Tata Power
  5. Volta


The Blink network runs 3,275 public Level 2 and Level 3 chargers in the US. Users can avail the services of this car charging group without any membership. However, membership enables users to save money. 


The Electric vehicles manufacturing company by Elon Musk provides a network of 14,081 Superchargers and 1,604 charging stations globally. Only Tesla users can use their The charging stations by Tesla are designed only for Tesla users as they need a special type of connector. 


EVg0 is one of the largest networks of electric vehicle DC fast charging station networks. The network offers 850 charging stations in more than 60 metropolitan cities and is used by 140 million Americans. The charging stations are compatible with all major electric vehicles. Users can avail the services of EVgo without a membership. They can join the membership if they want. 

TATA Power

The popular name in India offers charging for electric cars, office charging, public charging, and commercial spaces. Tata Power has its stations in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabnad in 9 states. The network offers its own application helping users locate the stations easily. 


Volta is the San Francisco based EV charging network provider with over 700 stations in 10 states. 

What are the Steps to Build an EV Charging Station Finder App?

Analyze App Requirements

The first step to developing an EV Charging Station Finder application is to analyze and know the requirements well. If you know the essential requirements, you can explain them well to the developers for the exact results as desired. 

The analysis of essential requirements includes:

  • Your App Budget
  • Target Audience
  • Current Market Trends & Demands

This pre-development analysis offers many benefits like fewer errors and reworks, enhanced app development speed, and expected results. 

Wireframes and UI/UX Design

After studying the app’s needs, the next step is to design your application. The website designers first create wireframes for your application. Once you approve those wireframes, they will design the interface for your application. An attractive and user-friendly design helps you attract more users and retain them for longer. 


Now the real development begins. The EV Charging station finder app developers pick the right architecture and technology stack to develop the frontend, backend, and APIs. The EV Charging station finder app has a panel for customers, station owners, and the admin panel. 


Once the app is ready, the QA engineers test its quality. They identify and rectify errors in the code and loopholes in the security or software. The developers perform various tests to ensure the quality and compatibility of the mobile app. The tests include unit testing, functionality testing, performance testing, security testing, etc. 

They ensure the app is secure, stable, bug-free, and compatible with all devices and platforms. 


Once the app passes the quality assurance tests, the developers launch it on app stores. We also provide complete post-launch support. 

What Technology Stack We USe For EV Charging Station App?

Your online EV Charging Station Finder application requires a perfect stack of technologies to make it reliable, high-performing and scalable. The technology stack also affects the app development cost. The backend of your application should be strong and stable to handle growing users and stations. So, let us look at the technology used for an EV charging station finder app.

Development Types Technologies

  1. Mobile Platforms Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Swift
  2. Front-end HTML, VueJS, ReactJS, CSS
  3. Back-end NodeJS, Laravel, Python, Golang
  4. Push Notifications Twilio, Push, Firebase Cloud Messaging
  5. Database PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  6. Payments Ewallets, Stripe, Paypal, Braintree
  7. Cloud Services Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure
  8. Find Location Google Maps, Google places API

How Much Does It Cost to Create an  EV Charging Stations Finder App?

The cost of developing an EV Charging app ranges between $10,000 to $200,000. The exact cost of building an EV Charging application will depend on the number and complexity of features, third-party integrations, design complexity, and other factors. 

Every project has a different app development need, and thus, the cost varies from project to project. The cost will rise if your application has more complex features and designs. 

However, a leading EV charging station finder app development company can help you find the exact cost. Call us now to book a free consultation or get a free quote. 


So, now you know how to build a custom EV Charging Station Finder application. What factors affect the cost, and which are the popular EV Charging Station Finder applications? 

The demand for electric vehicles and charging stations is surging, and thus the need for EV charging station finder apps too. Our expert EV Charging station finder app developers are well-versed in the technologies and the factors required to develop a top-notch application. You can connect with our senior developers for expert consultation. We provide complete development support, proper guidance, and post-launch support. Call us now at (+91) 799-034-5845 to book a free consultation. 

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