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          Experience the excellence of our dedicated professionals who are adept in delivering top-notch solutions.

          Team Extension

          Remote Team Extension

          Hire your own team without increasing any ongoing

          Managed Services

          Focus on your core. Have non-core services of your business managed by our teams.

          Technology Consulting

          Technology Consulting

          Get your business idea challenged, validated, and architectured by technical architects &

          Custom Software

          Custom Software Development

          Automate your business functions with custom software built tailored to your unique needs.

          Web Application

          Web Application Development

          Get your custom web app designed and developed by seasoned web developers.

          Mobile Application

          Mobile Application Development

          Have your mobile app wireframed, developed, tested, and launched by India's best iOS, Android, React, and Flutter app developers.

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Our Services


Remote Team Extension

Our “Team Extension Service” offers businesses in North America, UK, and Europe a value-for-money managed development & support centers and saves significantly while accessing smart engineering and professionals talent. For Startups, it offers more runway to raise the next round. For businesses, it saves Total Cost of Operation for a double digit number.

Software Development

There are many software development firms and individuals but only a few eat their own dogfood. In other words, people offer bespoke software development services but they seldom use their own software. Our teams develop software for our internal use and offer the real time tested software to other businesses. We also have a boutique offshore software development and digital services business units but our pride is our approach where we use our work first and then offer it to the world.


Managed Services

Right from an iOS Developer to a team of dedicated Microsoft .NET Cloud Expert to a support specialist – we offer TaaS – Talent As a Service along with its associated infrastructure in managed fashion. It could be a part of your Team Extension plan or an autonomous Offshore Development Center that runs independently to serve a part of your business.

Product Engineering

Software Development is our core expertise and we understand that the businesses who can productize software can make a fortune over the long run. We partner with businesses and own the complete product engineering function using Agile process. The Vision and the Intellectual Property stays with the Sponsoring business and the execution lies with Upsquare team. At times, we work with different JV agreements as well and co-own the intellectual properties to keep our skin in the game!


Technology Consulting

Through Technology Consulting Services, we solve complex business problems via design-first agile process. We assist our clients to take care of the existing technologies and gradually shifting the focus on the future technologies. We research and design Digital Business Strategy which leverages the intersection of the changing business needs and future-technological breakthroughs.

Apps Development Studio

Through our Apps Development Studio business unit, we create mobile apps, used and loved by millions all around the world for our JV partners. We take care of anything and everything that makes the app experiences better for the end users, right from hiring the right talent to investing in infrastructure that enables the better user experience. This is different from our typical offshore services model where the Scope of Work is a bible.