Vertically integrated Global Enterprise,

Established in 2012


Our Story

We are a team of ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for building digital human experiences.

In 2012, we started as a consulting and development organization. Soon, we found our feet rooted in producing our own mobile apps on Apple App Store.

After a decade of hustle, few failures, and two exits, here we are, looking at the future with profound expertise, determination, and enthusiasm.

Even though we are a tech company, our approach is solutions-first, technology second.

Upsquare is a home for some great engineering brains. We are single-focused on creating more meaningful user experiences for our users, vendors, teammates, and society at large.

Our aim inspires each of the Upsquare team members to wake up at 5:00 am in the morning or stay awake until 3:00 am.

You can find our teams solving a customer problem or creating a weird something that will be the next feature of the software we have been working on at odd times!

Our technology consulting services empower the business processes of many SMBs and enterprises. The mobile apps we have developed have been downloaded by over 15 million times. Our SaaS and Micro-SaaS businesses have more than 50k monthly active users.

So yes, we are a tech company, but we are not in awe of technologies. We focus on solving a business problem, providing easy-to-use UX, and using an effective tech for the same, in that order.

What We Do

Upsquare Technologies incubates and accelerates various independently run businesses in the area of SaaS, Mobile Apps, e-Commerce, Consulting Services, Startup Funding, and Research.

A decade ago, Upsquare Technologies started as a small firm and provided digital marketing, UX consulting, and software development services. With the years of hustle and two profitable exits, it graduated from being an IT services company to an International organization of various independent companies and connected business units.

With the wisdom gained through a series of misses and failures in the last two decades, Upsquare Technologies is on the mission to create meaningful experiences and inspiring success stories across the globe.

Leadership Team

We are a team of 170+ people who operate everywhere from the world in diverse roles. We are not after the team’s headcount, but we are after the count of breathtaking experiences that our team produces.

We select people who fit our ecosystem or the ones who create a new ecosystem within what has been working for us. Typically, if a professional has spent one year with us, her experience would be equivalent to three years in a competing company.

Meet the vibrant squares of Upsquare who are not only excellent at what they do, they enjoy every moment of work through upfront communication, commitment to excellence, and the mindset of a maker.


Utpal Vaishnav

Founder & CEO

Utpal “UV” Vaishnav is the first square of Upsquare® Technologies and the founder & CEO of Upsquare Group of Companies

UV has spent the past 20 years of his life building his own, his employees’, and his clientele’s careers and returned tangible business value through process design, product creation, and crafting services and solutions.

In 2017, one of the biggest mobile apps companies in Europe acquired UV’s last business for several million dollars. After the exit, he built the present team of Upsquare and started his Angel Investment & research business, Phenovox® Ventures.

UV is also the founding member of “Ahmedabad IT Angels,” an association of 75+ IT Service Company Owners from Ahmedabad that invests in venture funds and technology startups.

UV has authored a book on Scrum called #SCRUMtweet, which is available on Amazon for purchase.

At Upsquare, UV takes care of the organizational strategy and International Business Growth.

UV has subscribed to the spirit of lifelong learning, and he enjoys the uncertain journey. He never stops hacking.

UV provides growth opportunities to rebel professionals and helps build careers and startups.


Some Numbers

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International Offices

Unconventional approaches are at the heart of how Upsquare approaches business and life. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t just provide bespoke software development services and focus on increasing our headcount and closed clients per quarter, but instead, we eat our own dog food. Some details:

  • Our R&D team researches and creates reusable software components
  • Our Apps team assembles the components and produces our own apps
  • 3 million + users have downloaded our apps and millions are using them every day
  • Our Digital Services Team reuses the insights of our R&D & Apps teams and enables digital experiences of SMBs and enterprises

Businesses generally have profit as their primary objective. While there is nothing wrong with that, we believe that profits should be the result of creating or participating in the ecosystem connected by shared values. As we believe in the co-creation of value, many of our businesses are joint ventures with other small businesses and enterprises with diverse entrepreneurial brains.

Our Brands

Contact Us

If you have any questions or press inquiries, send us an email on career (at) upsquaretech (dot) com. You can also send us a message via the below form: