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The Leadership Team

Despite our varied backgrounds, we are more than just a group of intelligent individuals; we are a unified team. We are co-creating an emerging future driven by a shared vision, intention, and values.


Utpal “UV” Vaishnav

Founder CEO

Kavita Vaishnav


Vipul Shah

Chief Operating Officer

Amish Trivedi

Chief Innovation Officer

Jigar Pandya

Director of Growth

Alpesh Pethani

AVP, Design & Projects

Hardip Kalola

AVP, Future Tech

Arpit Shah

AVP, Apps & Cloud

Leadership Team

We are a team of 200+ people who operate everywhere in the world in diverse roles. We are not after the team’s headcount, but we are after the count of breathtaking experiences that our team produces.

We select people who fit our ecosystem or create a new ecosystem within what has been working for us. Typically, if a professional has spent one year with us, her experience would be equivalent to three years in a competing company.

Meet the vibrant squares of Upsquare who are not only excellent at what they do; they enjoy every moment of work through upfront communication, commitment to excellence, and the mindset of a maker.


Utpal Vaishnav

Founder & CEO

Utpal “UV” Vaishnav is the first square of Upsquare® Technologies and the founder & CEO of Upsquare Group of Companies.

UV has spent the past 20 years building his own, his employees, and his clientele’s careers and returned tangible business value through process design, product creation, and crafting services and solutions.

In 2017, one of Europe’s biggest mobile app companies acquired UV’s last business for several million dollars. After the exit, he built the present team of Upsquare and started his Angel Investment & research business, Phenovox® Ventures.

UV is also the founding member of “Ahmedabad IT Angels,” an association of 75+ IT Service Company Owners from Ahmedabad that invests in venture funds and technology startups.

UV has authored a book on Scrum called #SCRUMtweet, available on Amazon.

At Upsquare, UV oversees organizational strategy, joint venture tie-ups, and international Business Growth.

UV has subscribed to the spirit of lifelong learning, and he enjoys the uncertain journey. He never stops hacking and begins his day with this statement, “I’m the biggest fool I know; let me work to be a little wiser today!”  He enjoys staying hungry and foolish…by choice.

UV provides growth opportunities to rebel professionals and helps build careers and startups.


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