Upsquare acquires Amri Systems’ IT Service Business

Recently Upsquare completed the acquisition of Amri Systems’ IT Service business and added to its UCS offerings.

Amri Systems was founded by Aanal Desai in 2021. Prior to that Aanal worked with diverse businesses in Business Development and Sales Director roles for around 2 decades primarily in European geographies and secondarily in North America.

Aanal joined UCS as Client Success Director.

In his role, Aanal will make sure to create tangible value in the Client’s world.

While a Sales Director directs the sales process in a way that benefits the serving organization, a ?????? ??????? ???????? directs the solutions process that benefits the clients.

Notice the distinction in approach.

Aanal will ensure Client success in the areas of UCS’ worldwide offerings in business strategy, management, technology, and software development services, and AI R&D Lab as a service.

The relations between Aanal and UV, founder of Upsquare dates back to late 2000. Since then, they have executed many projects together in different roles.

Most recently, Aanal generated business with Upsquare’s group companies via Amri Systems.

Moving forward Amri Systems will continue to focus on Recruitment and Accounting Services. And, Aanal, as a client success and growth director, will grow UCS’ service business in Europe and other parts of the world.

“Together we can achieve more. We have been in discussion since last couple of years. I have learned a lot from UV and team. It has been a great pleasure to associate with Upsquare. The thinking process and future visibility of UV is phenomenal. I hope to give my best towards growth journey of UCS and Upsquare. Look forward working with the Team. Sky cannot be the limit. Thank you Team for warm Welcome,” said Aanal as a response to his welcome in the new phase of co-creation!

Upsquare team is equally excited to onboard Aanal and looking forward to making something happen! ✌?

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