Making a Difference: Our Journey with Enrise’s Menstrual Kit Distribution Drive


COVID changed many lives. People became more aware and understood life’s priorities better.

While I was never diagnosed with COVID, I observed many near ones passing through its challenges.

While working from home during the COVID days, Utpal and I detected the need for a different level of awareness in society.

COVID evaporated the gap between rich and poor as everyone was helpless against the deadly virus.

This realization was a point to share with the less privileged whatever little excess Utpal, and I could create through Upsquare.

Enter May 2021. We established *Enrise Social Foundation* with the goal of raising the collective consciousness.

We began working on a few initiatives that would raise collective consciousness through animal welfare, kids’ education, and supporting elderlies.

At Enrise, we decided to begin 2023 by making humans conscious of female hygiene.

On 29-Jan-2023, we led a drive for women’s empowerment and donated 100+ kits for improving women’s menstrual hygiene in Lapkaman Village. We made our unprivileged sisters and daughters aware of female hygiene.

Rotary Club Ahmedabad, Sarvam, also joined our hands under Project Dignity.

We intend to have more such events in the coming months, and I invite the volunteers to join hands to raise the collective consciousness.

Let’s #EnriseTogether! ✌️

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