May 2023 Monthly Celebration with a Glimpse of Money Management

Why do you work?

There may be many answers to this question, but here is what’s familiar: To make money! ??

We want to make money to enjoy life and make our near ones’ lives enjoyable, isn’t it?

Making money has an important element: Understanding money and its management.

Our HR team thought the Upsquare fam of techies should get a glimpse of money management.

While we understand that a session on personal finance may not make our techies the experts in the subject, at least it will give them wealthy food for thought ?.

We celebrated the end of May with a small session on this not-so-small topic: managing personal finance.

Upsquare Technologies Session on Money Management May 2023

One of the professionals in the field, Mr. Samir Vora from Ocean Finvest, was invited as a guest speaker.

Upsquare fam got a glimpse into the topics such as investments, budgeting, savings, insurance, SIPs, mutual funds, etc.

Amongst different insights, the most crucial take-home mantra was that one could make her earned money work for her if invested right.

After the session, our HR team had an informal chat with the team members while having the snacks. Here are some of the learnings noted by our team members:

1. Practice mindful spending: If you buy things you do not need, soon, you will have to sell things you need.

2. Thoughtfully build an emergency fund: Save a fixed portion of your income & build an emergency fund.

3. Invest 10% minimum: Before spending your salary, invest at least 10% of your income in one or the other kind of assets.

4. Put your eggs in multiple baskets: You can invest in various categories, such as SIPs, Mutual Funds, FD, Real Estate, etc., to reduce risks.

5. Economics > Engineering: This was the hard one, but everyone wants to make money, so understanding the economy and its impact is equally crucial as studying engineering!

Such sessions may give our techies a good starting point for their wealth-creation journey.

One of the essential goals of our business is an aligned and shared goal of our team members, and the finance education session was just in line with living our goals!

To make something happen, understanding money is crucial, honey! ✌️

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